Alicia enjoys using the Common Core Implementation Kit.The Common Core Implementation Kit (CCIK) for Microsoft Word 2013© enables teachers to quickly and easily create lesson plans aligned to Common Core State Standards (CCSS) for Math and Language Arts. The CCIK is comprised of a Microsoft Word master document for a specific course and grade level—and a task pane that gives you access to everything you need. We guide you in selecting a CCSS learning target, adding activity and assessment ideas, and locating instructional resources. We even provide instructional notes about the CCSS standard and daily learning target you selected for the lesson. Best of all, CCIK is free!

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CCIK will expand over time to include more grade levels for Math and Language Arts, the Next Generation Science Standards, and compatibility with older versions of Microsoft Word.

Comprehensive, CCSS-Aligned Lessons in a Snap

With CCIK, you can quickly and easily create a comprehensive CCSS-aligned lesson plan that includes:

  • Daily learning target
  • Student-friendly “I Can” statement
  • Vocabulary list
  • Activity ideas
  • Links to Open Educational Resources (OER) aligned to CCSS
  • Scaffolding strategies for struggling students
  • Extension ideas for students needing additional challenge
  • Instructional notes for both the daily learning target and CCSS standard

See the CCIK in Action